(noun, verb)


1. a pen for cattle

Definition categories: man–made, pen

Sentences with corral as a noun:

- We had a small corral out back where we kept our pet llama.

- Please return the shopping carts to the corral.

- The wagon train formed a corral to protect against Commanche attacks.


1. enclose in a corral

- corral the horses

Definition categories: contact, enclose, inclose

2. arrange wagons so that they form a corral

Definition categories: contact, arrange

3. collect or gather

- corralling votes for an election

Definition categories: contact, accumulate, amass, collect, compile, hoard

Sentences with corral as a verb:

- The lawyer frantically tried to corral his notes as his briefcase fell open.

- Between us, we managed to corral the puppy in the kitchen.

- After we corralled the last steer, we headed off to the chuck wagon for dinner.

- The cattle drivers corralled their wagons for the night.