(noun, adjective, verb)


1. completely ordinary and unremarkable

- air travel has now become commonplace

- commonplace everyday activities

Similar word(s): ordinary

2. not challenging; dull and lacking excitement

Similar word(s): unexciting, humdrum, prosaic, unglamorous, unglamourous

3. repeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse

- his remarks were trite and commonplace

Similar word(s): unoriginal, banal, hackneyed, shopworn, stock, threadbare, timeworn, tired, trite


1. a trite or obvious remark

Similar word(s): banality, bromide, cliche, platitude

Definition categories: communication, comment, input, remark, truism


1. To make a commonplace book.

2. To enter in a commonplace book, or to reduce to general heads.

3. (obsolete) To utter commonplaces; to indulge in platitudes.