(noun, verb)


1. a loud resonant repeating noise

Similar word(s): clang, clangor, clangoring, clangour, clank, crash

Definition categories: event, noise

2. a state of conflict between persons

Similar word(s): friction

Definition categories: state, conflict

3. a state of conflict between colors

- her dress was a disturbing clash of colors

Definition categories: state, conflict

4. a minor short-term fight

Similar word(s): brush, encounter, skirmish

Definition categories: act, combat, fight, fighting, scrap

Sentences with clash as a noun:

- I heard a clash from the kitchen, and rushed in to find the cat had knocked over some pots and pans.

- a clash of beliefs

- a personality clash

- She was wearing a horrible clash of red and orange.


1. crash together with violent impact

- Two meteors clashed

Similar word(s): collide

Definition categories: contact, hit, strike

2. be incompatible; be or come into conflict

- These colors clash

Similar word(s): collide, jar

Definition categories: stative, conflict

3. disagree violently

- We clashed over the new farm policies

Definition categories: communication, differ, disagree, dissent

Sentences with clash as a verb:

- The plates clashed to the floor.

- Fans from opposing teams clashed on the streets after the game.

- My parents often clashed about minor things, such as the cleaning or shopping rota.

- You can't wear that shirt, as it clashes with your trousers.

- She looked so trashy, her lipstick and jewellery all clashed.

- I can't come to your wedding as it clashes with a friend's funeral.