(noun, verb)


1. a tight-fitting headdress

Definition categories: man–made, headdress, headgear

2. a top (as for a bottle)

Definition categories: man–made, cover, top

3. a mechanical or electrical explosive device or a small amount of explosive; can be used to initiate the reaction of a disrupting explosive

Similar word(s): detonator

Definition categories: man–made

4. something serving as a cover or protection

Definition categories: man–made, protection

5. a fruiting structure resembling an umbrella or a cone that forms the top of a stalked fleshy fungus such as a mushroom

Similar word(s): pileus

Definition categories: plant

6. a protective covering that is part of a plant

Similar word(s): hood

Definition categories: object, cover, covering

7. an upper limit on what is allowed

- they established a cap for prices

Similar word(s): ceiling, roof

Definition categories: communication, control

8. (dentistry) dental appliance consisting of an artificial crown for a broken or decayed tooth

Similar word(s): crown, crownwork, jacket

Definition categories: man–made

9. the upper part of a column that supports the entablature

Similar word(s): capital, chapiter

Definition categories: man–made, top

Sentences with cap as a noun:

- The children were all wearing caps to protect them from the sun.

- He took the cap of the bottle and splashed himself with some cologne.

- He had golden caps on his teeth.

- There was snow on the cap of the mountain.

- We should put a cap on the salaries, to keep them under control.

- Billy spent all morning firing caps with his friends, re-enacting storming the beach at Normandy.

- He wired the cap to the bundle of dynamite, then detonated it remotely.

- Rio Ferdinand won his 50th cap for England in a game against Sweden.

- the cap of column, door, etc.; a capital, coping, cornice, lintel, or plate

- flat cap; foolscap; legal cap

- Parasitic caps.


1. lie at the top of

- Snow capped the mountains

Similar word(s): crest

Definition categories: stative, lie

2. restrict the number or amount of

- We had to cap the number of people we can accept into our club

Definition categories: change, circumscribe, limit

Sentences with cap as a verb:

- cap wages.

- That really capped my day.

- If he don't get outta my hood, I'm gonna cap his ass.

- Peter Shilton is the most capped English footballer.