(noun, verb)


1. an onerous or difficult concern

- the burden of responsibility

Similar word(s): encumbrance, incumbrance, load, onus

Definition categories: thought, concern, headache, vexation, worry

2. weight to be borne or conveyed

Similar word(s): load, loading

Definition categories: man–made, weight

3. the central meaning or theme of a speech or literary work

Similar word(s): core, effect, essence, gist

Definition categories: communication, import, meaning, significance, signification

4. the central idea that is expanded in a document or discourse

Definition categories: thought, idea

Sentences with burden as a noun:

- a ship of a hundred tons burden

- A burden of gad steel is 120 pounds.

- That bore thee at a burden two fair sons


1. weight down with a load

Similar word(s): burthen, weight

Definition categories: contact, charge

2. impose a task upon, assign a responsibility to

Similar word(s): charge, saddle

Definition categories: communication, command, require

Sentences with burden as a verb:

- to burden a nation with taxes