(noun, adjective, verb)


1. of the yellowish-beige color of buff leather

Similar word(s): chromatic

2. Unusually muscular.

Sentences with buff as an adjective:

- The bouncer was a big, buff dude with tattoos, a shaved head, and a serious scowl.


1. an ardent follower and admirer

Similar word(s): devotee, fan, lover

Definition categories: person, follower

2. a soft thick undyed leather from the skins of e.g. buffalo or oxen

Definition categories: substance, leather

3. bare skin

- swimming in the buff means to swim naked

Definition categories: body, cutis, skin, tegument

4. a medium to dark tan color

Similar word(s): caramel

Definition categories: attribute, brown, brownness

5. an implement consisting of soft material mounted on a block; used for polishing (as in manicuring)

Similar word(s): buffer

Definition categories: man–made, implement

Sentences with buff as a noun:

- buff colour:

- He’s a real history buff. He knows everything there is to know about the civil war.

- I just picked up an epic damage buff! Lets go gank the other team!

- to strip to the buff


1. strike, beat repeatedly

- The wind buffeted him

Similar word(s): buffet

Definition categories: contact, hit

2. polish and make shiny

- buff the wooden floors

- buff my shoes

Similar word(s): burnish, furbish

Definition categories: contact, polish, shine, smooth, smoothen

Sentences with buff as a verb:

- He was already buffing the car's hubs.

- The enchanter buffed the paladin to prepare him to fight the dragon.