(noun, adjective, verb)


1. deeply or seriously thoughtful

- Byron lives on not only in his poetry, but also in his creation of the `Byronic hero' - the persona of a brooding melancholy young man

Similar word(s): thoughtful, broody, contemplative, meditative, musing, pensive, pondering, reflective, ruminative

Sentences with brooding as an adjective:

- You like T. S. Eliot's "The Waste Land"? You must be so brooding and deep.


1. sitting on eggs so as to hatch them by the warmth of the body

Similar word(s): incubation

Definition categories: process, birth, birthing, parturition

2. persistent morbid meditation on a problem

Similar word(s): pensiveness

Definition categories: feeling, melancholy


1. present participle of brood