(noun, adjective, verb)


1. consisting of or made up of bone

Similar word(s): boney, bony


1. rigid connective tissue that makes up the skeleton of vertebrates

Definition categories: body

2. the porous calcified substance from which bones are made

Definition categories: substance

3. a shade of white the color of bleached bones

Similar word(s): ivory, pearl

Definition categories: attribute, white, whiteness

Sentences with bone as a noun:

- bone colour:


1. study intensively, as before an exam

- I had to bone up on my Latin verbs before the final exam

Similar word(s): cram, drum, swot

Definition categories: cognition, study

2. remove the bones from

- bone the turkey before roasting it

Similar word(s): debone

Definition categories: change, remove, take, withdraw

Sentences with bone as a verb:

- bone up