(noun, verb)


1. An incident of bleeding, as in haemophilia.

2. (printing) A narrow edge around a page layout, to be printed but cut off afterwards (added to allow for slight misalignment, especially with pictures that should run to the edge of the finished sheet).

3. (sound recording) The situation where sound is picked up by a microphone from a source other than that which is intended.


1. lose blood from one's body

Similar word(s): hemorrhage

Definition categories: body, discharge, eject, exhaust, expel, release

2. draw blood

Similar word(s): leech, phlebotomise, phlebotomize

Definition categories: body, treat

3. get or extort (money or other possessions) from someone

Definition categories: possession, extort, gouge, rack, squeeze, wring

4. be diffused

Similar word(s): run

Definition categories: motion, diffuse, spread

5. drain of liquid or steam

- bleed the radiators

Definition categories: change, empty

Sentences with bleed as a verb:

- If her nose bleeds try to use ice.

- The company was bleeding talent.

- A tree or a vine bleeds when tapped or wounded.

- Labialization bleeds palatalization.